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A Simple Guide to the... Acupressure Mat

Have you ever thought laying on something spiky would be good for your health? Have you ever heard of "a bed of nails"? If you think NO WAY.... that would be too painful! Think again! An acupressure mat has many health benefits and I am going to tell you the four that I have benefited from.

Acupressure and acupuncture have been around for a while now. It was introduced in Chinese medicine about 5,000 years ago. But there is a difference between the two. Acupuncture is invasive, where professional sticks needles in your skin at certain points on your body. Acupressure is non-invasive and you can get the same benefits from the privacy of your own home.

The first benefit is natural pain relief. This mat has done wonders for my back, my shoulders, my neck, and my IT band. I have been to massage therapists who have told me the pressure points in my shoulder are tight and I need to come back. They said the tightness in my shoulders is causing the tightness in my neck. I knew exactly what they were talking about because I could feel the tension in my shoulders. My muscles just could not relax. I would have to tell myself to relax my shoulders and I could instantly feel my shoulders drop and the tension relieved. I heard about the acupressure mat and decided to try it out. I felt the tension relief very quickly so I added it to my nightly routine. My IT band has really benefited. I have an extremely tight IT band due to overuse from being an athlete for a very long time. The IT band is a tendon that runs from your hip to the top of your shin bone, that's a pretty long tendon so it hurts my entire leg. Just an achy, dull pain. Very annoying. When I use my mat, I start on my back and then roll to the side of the tight IT band. In seconds, I feel the pain go away and the tension melts away. It's like going to a beach in Aruba... it takes about 20 minutes for you to melt and your stress goes out to the sea! You can literally feel it. It's a beautiful feeling. (Side note, I highly recommend going to Aruba, this sensation really does happen!) If you have tension or pain in your back, shoulders, neck, legs I highly suggest you get this mat into your life and into your bedtime routine.

The second benefit is improved sleep. Are you an overthinker? Does your mind race at night? Are you up thinking about that project that is due in 2 weeks? Try the acupressure mat. The spikes on the acupressure mat are geared to hit certain pressure points in your body that help you sleep. It does this because the pressure points in your body that are being pressured are responsible for also releasing endorphins, your feel-good hormones! Those pressure points also help with tension relief. The reason why most people have trouble sleeping is that they do not have enough endorphins going to their brain or they are stressed out about something. The acupressure mat takes care of both of these things. I have been in such great moods and am able to maintain that mood all day long during my teaching day. My sleep quality has really improved as well. When your brain is happy and your body is happy, you feel more relaxed and are able to sleep better. If your mind is racing or your stressed, I highly suggest laying, standing, sitting, sleeping on this mat for at least 15 minutes every night.

The third benefit is relaxation. Even if there are no problems and you're feeling really good one day, still use the mat! You are still getting the benefits of relaxing your muscles. Probably muscles that you didn't even know were tense in the first place! You will notice a difference in how your body feels when you are the mat into your nightly routine and people will notice a difference in your mood throughout the day! Do your mind, body, and heart a favor and get yourself on an acupressure mat.

The fourth benefit is the privacy of your own home. You do not have to go anywhere to get all these benefits. You can stay in your own house! This was a huge benefit for me because I live out in the country and where there are not a lot of options around. If I didn't have this mat, I guarantee I would be less likely to do acupressure because I would have to drive an hour just to go do it. With this, all I have to do is get my mat out, lay it on the floor, and it's ready to go! Plus you can travel with it, which recovery after travel is super important if you want to enjoy your time adventuring! That's for another post at another time though :)

Let me tell you about my first experience with an acupressure mat because I'm sure it will be similar to your first time and I don't want it to scare you! I was having some issues with some shoulder and neck tension so I decided to give this mat a try. I was pretty scared at first. I thought to myself, "You want me to lay on this thing, that looks extremely painful, almost like I'm going to cuddle with a porcupine? I don't think so." I thought about it for a few more minutes to push past the fear of pain and decided to lay down anyways. It was painful at first, like I said before it felt like I was cuddling with a porcupine. It felt like a burning sensation. I didn't think I was going to be able to finish, let alone ever get on the mat again. But in my mind, I thought about all the benefits of it and I wanted those benefits so I stayed on for a few more minutes. When I got up, I could feel that my muscles felt looser and I felt more relaxed. I continued laying on the mat, building up a tolerance, starting at 5 minutes for a while, then to 10 minutes. I can now lay on the mat for much longer and sometimes almost fall asleep on the mat. I have definitely reaped the benefits of this amazing product! There are also two reviews from others who use the mat who have also reaped the benefits... don't forget to check those out, too! Do yourself a favor and buy an acupressure mat, you will not be disappointed! Your body, mind, and heart will thank you! Stay healthy and happy everyone! And remember to love yourself every day because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Your Certified Brain Health Coach,


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