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What Are The Benefits of an Infrared Sauna?

Using an infrared sauna is one of the most beneficial ways you can help your body. It aids in many areas including sleep, weight loss, and those with anxiety.

Infrared Sauna and Anti-Aging

Using an infrared sauna is an incredible way to improve your skin health. And for those of you who use a lot of anti-aging products such as creams, washes, and lotions, an infrared sauna is great to add to your daily regimen. A sauna can also help aid in anti-aging as well.


An infrared sauna can stimulate collagen production. When collagen is plentiful in your body, your skin improves because collagen improves your skin's elasticity.

Collagen starts to naturally decline in your body between the ages of 25-30. This is really young! Therefore, starting a daily routine that can help improve your collagen production is important.

This includes an infrared sauna, taking a collagen powder such as Vital Protein, using red light therapy, and more.

An infrared sauna can help up your anti-aging game and there are so many ways to get into a sauna. There are now portable ones on Amazon, cedar-sided ones for home use, and if you are lucky enough to live in a place close to you.


The environment that we live in is FULL of toxic chemicals. Pesticides, aluminum foil, , gas exhaust from cars, smoke, the food we eat, and more. So, not only are we getting the toxins from the outside, we are putting toxins into our bodies. Toxins inside and out.

A sauna produces a healthy sweat where it helps you sweat out those unwanted toxins.

The infrared light used is the reason for this. It does this by heating the body from the inside which means it's getting deep down into your pores to get the toxins out.

If you don't get the toxins out, a build-up of toxins can be the consequence.

What does this build-up mean?

It means you are sicker, weaker, and more depressed.

Get those toxins out and feel better by using an infrared sauna.

Muscle Recovery

Are you feeling sore? Either from a workout, doing something new, lifting heavy furniture, or sitting too long at your desk?

Add an infrared sauna to your daily routine.

Heat on your muscles is already such a great thing for them. It helps your muscles and your body to relax.

However, an infrared sauna goes even further.

Using one can increase your blood flow throughout your entire body. When your body flow is working optimally, your body can recover faster from anything.

There are many studies that show that Americans have low blood flow. Poor blood flow means poor brain function, leading to poor decision-making and being sicker and weaker. It's just a bad cycle.

Find ways to increase your blood flow. This means better brain function which leads to better decisions which equal being healthier and happier.

Use an infrared sauna to help with this.

There are many more benefits to using an infrared sauna that I could get into but then this post would be way too long.

Look at the photo above to see more benefits and start doing some research on your own to find all the benefits that could be YOURS by using an infrared sauna 3 or more times a week.


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