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Do You Want To Have a Minimalist Home?

Updated: May 19, 2021

Let's start with some truth, shall we? I have a REALLY HARD time with being a minimalist. I want to be one and I want to have a minimalist home where I don't own many possessions. Especially the possessions that I have no use for, haven't used in years, or just flat out don't need. But, man, this is a hard concept for me. So, instead of me telling you how to be a minimalist and how to keep a minimalist home... I'm going to link some really great posts of people who are WAY more successful than I am with it.

For example, I have had this billabong hoodie since I was 19. So going on 11 years now. Why do I still have this hoodie? Because I'm attached to it and it has sentimental value. The story might seem silly to others but it was a special moment for me.

A Billabong Attachment

Here's the reason I've kept this hoodie for this long. It reminds me of my dad. When my college softball team went to Florida to play in a tournament down there, kind of like a preseason for us, I was really excited. My dad and I share a love for sports but he was not going to be able to make it that week due to work.

So, I'm on the field warming up, and here comes my dad walking up the sidewalk to the field! He surprised me to come and watch me play for that entire week.

One day, we had a day off. Everyone and their families went shopping. I saw this hoodie and loved it. I was going to pass it up because I had so many hoodies already but my dad bought it for me anyway.

And this is my silly story as to why I continue to keep this hoodie with me. Because it reminds me of my dad.

Some Success I've Had With Minimalist Home

So, I'm not that great at keeping a minimalist home. However, I have done a couple of things successfully which has helped.

  1. I get a couple of new pieces of clothing every 3 months. Once I get the new pieces, I give away my oldest piece. This has helped me keep a clean closet.

  2. I only keep a certain amount of clothing. For example, I only keep 4 pairs of denim jeans and 4 pairs of colored denim. If I go over this amount, I give away something. I do this with dressy tops, shorts, bras, socks, sweatpants, crewnecks, etc. This has also helped keep a cleaner closet.

  3. The most recent ones I've created, and done successfully, are books. I only keep certain books. I will only keep nonfiction books that I've learned from, my brain health books, and books from my favorite couple of authors. Everything else gets given to someone else. If I didn't do this... my house would be overloaded with books.

These are the 3 minimalist ideas that I have been able to do successfully. It's a pretty good start but I'm still a work in progress on this one.

Blog Posts By Minimalists Who Do It Right

Now, if you are really serious about wanting to be a minimalist or are looking for ways to clean out your house... here are some bloggers who have it going on. You can also try my 3 ways to ease you into this process or for a place to start.

  1. The Minimalist Mom - great for families that want more time, money, and space.

  2. Going Zero Waste - great for all many friends who want to go more natural

  3. Syle Bee - great for people who love to shop and for streamlining closets

  4. Nourishing Minimalism - great for moms who want to simplify

  5. Melissa Camara Wilkins - great for people who want to find and understand their values which help you understand yourself. This leads to understanding what you want in your house and what you don't.

  6. The Better Life Project - great for finding your intentions and putting your intentions in action with practical tools to help you live simply

  7. Mostly Mindful - a great website for everyone, especially if you are wanting to declutter



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