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New Year, New Goals

When I first started this blog, September 2019, I didn't know where I was going with it, what I wanted to do with it, or where it was going to take me. I just knew that I was passionate about wellness, my experiences with wellness habits, and how forming these habits has really improved my life.

So I just dove in, I started this blog without much knowledge. But I needed to start it or the fear of doing it would keep me from EVER trying.

So here I am now, a couple of days away from 2020, and I have a VISION. FINALLY.

Preparing For New Goals

I've worked hard for the last 3 months. I have signed up for classes to help me learn the ins and outs of how to make my site better, I've confided in others who are more knowledgeable than I am about starting a blog and gaining traffic and I have implemented many new things. And I have had SO MUCH FUN and felt so much JOY creating this.

Every night, I come home from teaching looking forward to working on my classes and implementing what my classes have taught me. I've created freebies that are filled with great wellness habit tips, affirmation posters, and a 12-day workbook. I've created landing pages to help others find me who are looking to build better wellness habits. I wrote a three-day welcome sequence which took me many days to write because of how personal it is. But I want my followers to know me and why I am doing this. I've asked for support from friends and family to help me see my vision through.

Who Am I?

My name is Ashley Allen. I used to be a negative person, the person most people would consider toxic to be around. I lived my life like this for 27 years. 27 years is a very long time to be negative. After 27 years, I was determined to not be this person anymore. I knew I was better, I knew this was not the person I wanted to be. I started incorporating small wellness habits, one thing at a time, finding where it fits in with my schedule. I worked hard to eventually make this a habit and started adding more. Eventually, my habits would bloom into a full-blown wellness routine and I have improved my quality of life. I am now 29, 2 years later, and I am a positive person I want to be. I feel great, I love my life, I love myself and most importantly I love my wellness habits which have helped me re-invent myself.

Who I Can Help?

My niche is about wellness habits and how to form them. It's important to me because I believe that...

  • your life is made up of habits. What you do on a daily basis, repeatedly, makes you the person you are today. Habits shape the things you believe in and the vibe you show to others. What do you spend time thinking about and what do you do daily? That's a habit. How successful are you or unsuccessful? The outcome is the result of your habits. Are you happy or unhappy? The outcome is the result of your habits. When you learn to form positive wellness habits, you can live a more positive life with positive outcomes.

  • humans are not perfect. If they were, life would be kind of boring, don't you think? Nothing to work towards or no challenges. I believe the habit of making small changes in your life, will add up to something incredible! There are many ways to make small changes in your daily life. Small examples include listening to positive podcasts in the morning instead of watching the news or starting a positivity journal in the evening so you are going to sleep with a positive mindset.

  • if every human forms positive wellness habits, we are on our way to optimal health. Better sleep, better decisions, and better daily performance.

People I can help include:

  • people who are ready to build better habits. These people are ready to listen and learn. They are willing to apply what I teach to their lives to get results.

  • people who are ready to improve their daily performance. The ideas and habits that I teach will help you improve your quality of life if you put the ideas into practice.

  • goal-oriented people. These people are feeling tired but have made a goal of finding ways to become more energized. This is where my teaching comes in.

  • people who are working on having a positive mindset but need some help such as an accountability partner. I want to be your accountability partner, giving you tips, advice, and products you can use. These people will be committed to my teachings and the schedule. They will be on video chats and check-ins for progress monitoring.

People I Cannot Help

People I cannot help include:

  • people who want an easy fix. Forming wellness habits is not easy and if your heart is not in it, you will struggle to see results from my teachings.

  • judgemental people. Being judgemental is hurtful and it can be a setback for others trying to build better habits and create a positive mindset.

What Can I Help You With?

I can help:

  • form wellness habits

  • create goals and action steps

  • give information about what wellness tools and products that are out there

  • be your accountability partner

  • provide information about clean, chemical-free living and how to make this living a habit

  • shift a negative mindset to a positive mindset using wellness habits

  • take you from feeling drained to feeling energized by using habits and forming a schedule

  • provide information to become less stressed and ways to combat stress when it comes

What Will You Gain?

Join my community and learn from someone who pushed the negative, toxic person aside... Me!

You will gain:

  • an accountability partner- I'm on your side. I've been there! I want to help you!

  • a positive mindset- the enjoyment of life

  • improved daily performance with the incorporation of wellness habits

  • Support...a person who is there for you! We are not in this alone. Life can be tricky to navigate through but we can do it with the help of each other.

  • beneficial habits

  • more energy

  • a love of life

  • your true potential, the REAL you!

  • and of course, FREEBIES!

Come join me on this amazing habit adventure and unlock the future you!

Your Certified Brain Health Coach,


Owner of SustainaBRAIN


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