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An Organic Face Wash to Seriously Consider

Since I was 16, I've had some serious battles with acne. Battles with breakouts and battles with looking at myself in the mirror. Because I couldn't even look at my own self in the mirror, I didn't want to go out either. Acne literally ruled my life and my decisions. Enter organic face wash known as the brand Alitura.

But let me tell you, it was NOT easy finding anything that worked for me, and this included organic face wash brands. It took me over 10 years. So, I lived with these feelings for over 10 years. And sometimes I still get to feeling this way. I thought I was ugly. There were even moments where I questioned why my partner was even with me. In my head, I didn't understand why she would even want to look at that every day.

It got pretty bad where I would do things to look away or down from others. I used to have long hair but when I cut my hair short, I was worried it would be more noticeable. I wanted to live my life without having to worry about this ALL the TIME.

People would tell me that no one pays attention to it or even notices it. But, that's not true. I NOTICED it. And it bothered ME. The one person that I needed to be on my side, myself, was NOT by my side at all. I had less confidence in myself. Therefore, I wasn't the best version of myself. When I had severe breakouts... the negativity followed me EVERYWHERE. I struggled to be myself around people.

Desperate Attempts- Not Thinking About Organic Face Wash

I was so desperate to find something that worked. I literally tried everything. And I didn't care how expensive it was.

I would get a product and use it for a little while. However, if it didn't work within a certain time frame, I was moving on to something else. It didn't matter if I still had half the product left.

I fell into trap after trap without doing any of the research. Anything that said it would help with acne, I jumped on. Then, I jumped on the Proactive bandwagon, spending about $200 every three months for their products. I used them for a good three years. But what a waste. That didn't touch it either, it actually hurt my skin more than anything.

So I did some more research about Salicylic acid and found that some people don't respond well to this. So, I stopped using any product with that in it. Then I did research on Benzoyl Peroxide and the same thing popped up. So, I stopped using Proactive because that was the main ingredient in their products. It was the culprit of what made my face so red and inflamed. I mean my face HURT.

This is when I started looking into organic face wash. I found a few companies I trusted but still, nothing was happening. I mean, they definitely didn't cause the same pain as the other face washes. So, I continued my search until I found another organic face wash brand.

I heard his story and was very inspired. That lead me to check out his site and his products. I became intrigued. So I bought his cleanser and started using it. My experience over a month was unreal. I have been using his products ever since then, January 2019.

Andy Hnilo, Owner of Alitura

Andy Hnilo is a model and actor who got in a horrific car accident. The car accident was so bad that he had an unrecognizable face.

As an actor and model, his face is one way he made his money. While recovering, Hnilo was determined to get back to work. He didn't want this one moment in his life to prohibit him from doing something he truly loved. His determination became his inspiration for his brand, Alitura.

He researched, found, and curated very specific ingredients to create the formulas in his products. He used his products with the careful ingredients of his choosing on himself first. Using his formulas he was back to modeling on a runway in 7 weeks!

Talk about a wow! factor. Not to mention, instead of keeping this secret formula to himself, he has shared it with the world! That is something I value in a brand, transparency. Andy Hnilo has worked hard to be transparent and give us the best ingredients so we don't have to be scared of what we are putting on our skin.

I've never met Andy Hnilo, although I would love to, I trust him with my skincare and I respect him wholeheartedly for what he does for others.

Alitura Products

Alitura has many products you can try for your skin, including lotions and supplements. I have not tried everything but what I have tried is the best you can get. You can't go wrong with any of them. But... here are the Alitura products that work for me daily.

Organic Face Wash- The Pearl Cleanser

The Pearl Cleanser is made out of organic and wild harvest ingredients. Pearl powder is the main ingredient. The Chinese used it as a holistic health remedy.

It is a micro-exfoliant that is packed with magnesium and calcium. Pearl powder mixed with mushrooms, plants, and essential oils is a perfect combination to making your face feel vibrant, refreshed, and clean!

I was confused the first time I used it. It didn't look or feel like other cleansers I've used. For starters, it didn't foam and it was a creamy white.

The organic face wash is so creamy it is like putting silk on your face. It's so smooth and it does its job well without all the harsh ingredients.

Within the first use, I could tell a difference. I felt like I was treating myself to something special. You know, like when you go get a massage at an expensive spa type of deal. I was getting that feeling right in my own shower!

Since using this, my face has never felt better.

Yes, I still get acne. But it doesn't last as long and it isn't so painful that I can't move my face.

Not to mention... my breakouts aren't so severe anymore. Unless I eat something I shouldn't have (this happens sometimes too, I'm not perfect).

Alitura Gold Serum

This is one of his bestselling products. And it sure stands up to it!

The organic ingredients in this formula have major benefits for your skin.

This product alone helps to strengthen collagen and reduce wrinkles. It also helps get rid of free radicals that your face and skin absorb so easily.

And that's not all! It helps with dark circles and it helps with cell growth.

This product is a beast and it hits a lot of areas that many people struggle with.

Sometimes you have to buy many products to achieve these results. But with this product, you get all the benefits in one bottle. That's a win-win in my book :) Because, in the long run, it will save you money and time from having to buy specific products for specific benefits.

This product has helped me with my inflammation. When I get acne flare-ups, they are pretty red. This helps reduce that and cuts the time of healing in half.

The Gold Serum is also used to give skin a glow because it helps smooth out your appearance. My skin glows much better than it used to. It seems more balanced.

Alitura Moisturizer

I'd give his moisturizer the number one rating for uniqueness. The ingredients who put into this product are top-notch.

These ingredients include raw honey and bee propolis from organically managed bees in Hawaii, plants such as Sea Buckthorn, and German Blue Chamomile. These pair well with essential oils to make the product smell good and feel good on your face.

These ingredients are known to help with damaged skin cell tissue and promote new cell tissue on the skin.

This moisturizer has been a game-changer for me. My acne scars are slowly starting to diminish. My cell tissues are being repaired.

Not only are his products stellar, but he also uses glass bottles for his products. Instead of using plastics as most brands do in the beauty department, his products are bottled in a special type of glass.

Miron Glass. This glass is super special because it helps preserve the product without the chemicals. No toxins are used while making this product. The glass is responsible for making your product last. It only allows infrared and violet lights in which enhances the benefits of the product inside.

So not only did Hnilo make a top-notch product, he found a way to preserve it successfully without the use of the chemicals. Wow! That's my kind of brand. I love supporting Alitura!

Another product to check out is his derma roller. I use it once a week and it has also made a huge difference in my facial appearance. This little facial tool has helped speed the healing process!

This is the perfect concoction that I have found for my face. And I get to support someone I believe in with great values!

Alitura Is #1 In Organic Face Wash

I highly suggest you check out Alitura and more on Andy Hnilo's story. He is a remarkable human! Bottom line, my friends, don't put anything on your face that you wouldn't put into your mouth. Because I'm pretty sure the chemicals sound in many products wouldn't make the cut. Please think about what you are putting on your skin! Your skin absorbs everything and we need to make sure we take care of it! Check out Alitura to see if it's right for you and your skin!


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Owner of SustainaBRAIN

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