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Clean Products For Hair Care

Do you want to swap your chemical bathroom products to a cleaner, better for you solution? What about research? Does it make you want to pull your hair out?

My house is chemical-free but let me tell you... it was not easy getting there. First, it took a little less than two years. Second, it could be very overwhelming. Researching, figuring out which companies to trust, testing it, liking it, not liking it, and more.

Some products were harder to research and find than others. Products for hair care were one of the worst. I'm talking about hairspray, gel, any product that could help me control my frizzy, wavy, messy hair.

But I did the research and I found what works. So, I did it for you and the good news is I'm going to be writing about hair care in this post. But... I also just launched a brand new product in my store at SustainaBrain that will save you time, frustration, and your wellbeing.

Giovanni 2Chic

Giovanni has many hair products. The one I have found to work the most and still have clean ingredients is Giovanni 2Chic.

I use their mousse and their gel to style my hair. It does the same thing as your chemical gels and mousses without the actual chemicals. There are no parabens and it's cruelty free plus it is safe on colored hair. The company is pretty transparent. They tell you whether an ingredient is USDA certified organic or not on their website.

They strive to make products as raw and natural as possible but still have high performance. Due to this, they may change their ingredients based on what may be more natural at the time. This is nice to know because most companies will fall away from natural ingredients. After all, it gets hard to stay natural sometimes. It is much easier going the chemical route because they seem to be everywhere. So, I appreciate companies who stick to the harder route of staying natural.

Giovanni 2 Chic gel and mousse is lighter and less sticky in my opinion as well. Some gels are just way too sticky for me and it doesn't feel good in my hair. I don't get this with either one of these products.

So for clean products for hair care, I would definitely recommend these two choices.


Besides contact solution, hairspray was the worst product to research and find. When I first started looking I couldn't find anything. I almost gave up and told myself I just wouldn't use hairspray. However, it's about the only thing that holds everything together on my head when it comes to hair. So, I know I need to find something.

Enter Pacifica. Finally, a clean hairspray.

Now, this hairspray smells REALLY good. It's like summer in a bottle. One thing you need to know though is you have to watch out for fragrances in many products. Most of them are artificial and can cause health problems. You want to be looking for natural essential oils which Pacifica has done a nice job with.

This hairspray is scented with coconut and vanilla. A plus is it has sea salt in it which can really give your hair some bounce.

I remember when I was little and into my high school years using another hairspray. I should not be coughing because I'm spraying hairspray. That's not normal.

With a natural hairspray like Pacifica, you should be able to breathe in the wonderful scent.

This hairspray performs like any other hairspray, it's just better for you and better for the environment. Actually, I think it gives hair more flexibility instead of making your hair just stick into place. It is not so heavy like another hairspray.

Bounce Curl

One hairspray I haven't tried but would like to is Bounce Curl. I have heard a lot of great things about this company, especially from Think Dirty. I've researched the company myself as well and found nothing but great things. One plus for this company is it is an alcohol-free hairspray.

It's got nothing in that shouldn't be in it. No PEGS, no preservatives, no parabens, no sulfates, and it's color-safe.

The scent is more fruity than the Pacifica Hairspray. I found something out about this company that I thought was interesting because its scents are man-made scents. That scared me for a minute.

Then, I did some more digging. They create these scents from extracted oils from plants and create them to put in their products. What I like about this is they don't just willy nilly this. They have any ingredients they put into their products scientifically tested before it goes into their products. Bravo to Bounce Curl... what a great choice!

So, this is a company I could get on board with. I just haven't used all my hairspray yet from Pacifica.

Make The Switch Scheduler

If this post has been helpful to you, there is more where it came from. I told you only about products for hair care this time. But, I made for you an entire scheduler to switch out your whole house. This is the same schedule I used to switch out all my chemical products for cleaner products.

The research and the overwhelming feeling are all taking out for you. It's an easy-to-follow schedule that will help you make the switch so you can proudly say my house is chemical-free. No more pulling your hair out in frustration. No more feeling overwhelmed because it is too expensive and you just can't do it. This schedule will help you follow a routine and help you make the switch in less than two years.

This is my two years' worth of research in 8 pages. No more guessing, just doing!

Check it out at my SustainaBrain store for $17.99 plus free shipping.

Ashley Allen

Licensed Brain Health Coach

Founder of SustainaBrain

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