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What Are The Benefits Of Reading For Your Brain?

Did you know half of Americans haven't yet ONE book in the last year? Or the average number of books read per person in ONE year is 4 books or less? This is very alarming. There are SO many benefits of picking up a book and reading for your brain. Even if it's just 5 pages a day.

Reading For Your Brain, Better Sleep Quality

How are you currently calming your mind and body down? How do you prepare to get a good night's sleep? Is it alcohol or medication? Is laying in bed letting your mind race? Are you doing anything to unwind? If not, let's think twice about that.

Good quality sleep is when you're brain takes out the daily trash. And guess what? Our brain takes on a lot of trash each day. Between the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts), trying to please people at our jobs, being so focused we forget to give ourselves a break, and the dirty chemicals in the air... our brain takes on a TON each day.

The best thing you can do about it is... GIVE IT A BREAK! Let it have a chance to breathe and take out the trash so it can work for you the next day.

So many people are walking around in zombie mode because they don't get good quality sleep and give their brains a chance to do their job.

Let's help you!

There are multiple things you can do here but let's go back to the basics. The basics of elementary school when you were a child learning how to read and reading a lot so you could get good at it.

Start reading before bed. Even if it's just 5 pages a night. Reading helps aid in your sleep readiness. In other others, it helps get you ready for bed. It unwinds the mind and it helps you go to a happier place where you are not thinking about the ten thousand things you have to do tomorrow.

Give your brain a chance to work for you and start some light reading before bed,

Below are some more benefits of reading for your brain. Check it out!


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