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What Is Regenerative Farming?

Have you heard of regenerative farming? If you haven't, I'm sure you have heard of corporate or conventional farming. Corporate farming is what is going to destroy our natural environment and the way we look at food. Unfortunately, for now, it is where all the money goes.

Conventional Farming Vs. Regenerative Farming

Right now, there is a strong sense of urgency to feed America. We think the food is running out and I hear the question a lot "How are we going to feed everyone? Our population is growing." People think the answer to this question is with corporate farming. However, this is simply not true. We can feed our country AND protect the environment using a different method of farming. Let's take a look at the difference.

Conventional Farming

Conventional farming is another way to say BIG farms or "business farms."

  • Needs pesticides

  • Needs EXTRA water

  • Vulnerable to natural disasters

  • Needs chemical fertilizer

  • Speeds up climate change

  • Destroys soil

  • Needs lots of land and pricey machinery

  • Releases carbon

  • AND... it's only used for a single crop or livestock

What does all this mean? It means our water is being polluted from the chemical runoff from fertilizers and pesticides. Carbon is being released into the air instead of the oxygen that we need to survive. It means more artificially made food and junk food. It means less room for the next generation of farmers. We are destroying our economy and the generations below us by continuing to let corporate farms run the food business.

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative is your small diverse farms. Your family farms. The farms that try to do the right thing for the PEOPLE.

  • Doesn't need pesticides

  • Retains water

  • Resilient to weather disasters

  • Creates its own fertilizer

  • Slows down climate change

  • Renews soil

  • Uses less space and lower start-up costs

  • Sequesters carbon

  • It has diverse crops and livestock

What does this all mean? We leave room for our future farmers to boost the economy. More small farms mean more people have access to fresh food. Our water would be cleaner because it's not being polluted with pesticides and chemicals. A variety of crops gives us better food security in a changing climate.

I can only imagine 20 years from now, climate change is at an all-time high, and corporate farms are still our sole provider of food. There is no diversity of crops. Corporate farms specialize in a SINGLE crop or livestock. We'd have to eat the same foods because there is nothing else. Or... all our food will be genetically modified because we've ruined our environment and it can't support us anymore.

Genetically modified food is "fake food." I don't want to be eating fake food when I'm fifty. Fake food is devoid of nutrients and minerals which we need for a strong, healthy body.

If It's Better, Why Are We Not Doing It?

There's usually one reason why America doesn't do the right thing and that's money. Money drives this country. I'm not saying money is bad but it can stand in the way of doing the right thing. Especially when it's mixed with power.

So, what's happening? Farmers get more government money when they cultivate more land, despite poor soil or climate. They get more money to grow a surplus, artificially lowering prices. Last but not least, they get more money when they grow only specific crops.

Who benefits from all this money? Big food companies that want cheaper ingredients. Big meat companies that need cheap feed for industrialized livestock farms. And... big chemical companies that sell pesticides and fertilizer. These are the people who are making the money. Not the farmers.

Who doesn't benefit? Farmers... who must choose between monoculture or bankruptcy. Americans who can't afford nutritious foods. Aspiring farmers, who can't afford the start-up costs. And our very own environment.

When we fund corporate farming, more than 70% of that money goes to ONLY 6 crops. Are we really okay with this???

What Needs To Happen?

We, so badly, need our small farmers and new farmers. Most farmers want to be stewards of their land, but they need financial help to get started. When all the money is going elsewhere to support these bigger companies, these small farmers are forced to be bought out so they don't have to file bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this means they have to abide by the "business farming" rules. So, their ethical and sustainable practices most likely will be thrown out the window.

These farmers need our help. They need our voices. More farmers mean more innovation in food production. And more farmers mean we can grow our own food right here... in our home.

Besides... with a healthier agriculture system comes healthier Americans. And if this world is truly all about money, healthier Americans mean fewer healthcare costs for all.


Dr. Amen Licensed Brain Health Trainer

Owner/Founder of SustainaBrain


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