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How To Try Seasonal Eating

As the weather changes across the globe, so does the availability of fresh produce. Each season offers a fantastic array of fruits and vegetables to indulge in, and by tapping into Mother Nature’s produce calendar, we can reap lots of benefits!

Learn about all the great reasons to adopt the practice of seasonal eating by reading my eating with the seasons, summer edition blog post series!

In these 3 posts, you'll learn why sticking to seasonal produce can result in more nutrients, more flavor, and less strain on your wallet!

The previous post, "Why Eat Seasonal Foods?", is already live so go check it out at

Try New Recipes

Back in the day, choices in the produce section of grocery stores were more limited than they are today, and seasonal fruits and veggies were the ONLY options to choose from when planning for meals! Look for old family recipes, historical cookbooks, and regional specialties to try. Use this site as a place to start your search:

You can ask neighbors, friends, and family members, too!

Be Frugal!

Being frugal has such a bad rep but here's why you should be frugal when it comes to seasonal eating.

Have you ever noticed that the prices of certain fruits and veggies rise and fall throughout the year? Buying brussels sprouts will be at least a third more expensive in June than they are in December. Likewise, watermelon will be a lot more affordable in July than it is in early autumn.

The cost-saving aspects of eating locally-grown foods come down to a matter of supply and demand. When you buy produce that’s in season, you’re purchasing it at the peak of its supply, when it’s easy to grow and harvest. When there are a lot of fruits and vegetables readily available, the prices become lower - when they’re harder to grow and harvest, prices go up!

Be A Farmer's Market Kinda Person

Buying local food supports the local economy. When you buy strawberries from a farm in your town, that money will get reinvested into businesses in your town, which keeps your local economy healthy and thriving. Also, buying locally grown produce creates more community connections. Instead of working through long chains of distribution, buyers meet the people growing the food, which helps to build a more vibrant community that’s passionate about providing healthy and safe foods for all families.

Do you make it a habit to buy local produce? If not, what stands in your way? 

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