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Why Eat Seasonal Foods?

As the weather changes across the globe, so does the available produce. Each season offers an array of fruits and vegetables to indulge in, and by tapping into Mother Nature’s calendar, we can reap the benefits of taste and nutrition optionality while protecting the environment! Let's chat about why you should eat seasonal foods and how to.

Why Eat Seasonally?

Eating seasonal refers to produce that is purchased and consumed within the season that the food is naturally harvested, which means that it’s at its absolute peak in terms of flavor and nutritional value.

Throughout the majority of history, humans have been eating seasonally out of obligation. There weren’t planes, trucks, and massive refrigeration devices to transport produce from place to place back then.

When we eat seasonally by choice, we’re able to tap into all the best that our local area has to offer while helping the environment and our wallets!

Ask yourself these critical thinking questions when it comes to the produce you buy for your household:

- how much do you actively try to eat seasonally

- is it something you aim to do when you visit the market?

- when you go to the store and buy produce, what are your staples?

- Do you have any fruits and veggies that you buy year-round?

The Best Option

When you buy produce that’s out of season, it has to travel from far away. That means fruits and veggies are picked BEFORE they’re ripe, and products that are chosen may be selected for durability at the expense of flavor.

When your food is grown close by, it only has to travel several miles rather than traveling across an ocean to get to you. When eating local foods, freshness, flavor, and nutritional content are better preserved.

Have you ever eaten a fruit or vegetable to eat right off the tree, bush, or vine? How did it taste?

Try New Recipes Or Bring Out Some Old Ones

Back in the day, choices in the produce section of grocery stores were more limited than they are today, and seasonal fruits and veggies were the ONLY options to choose from when planning for meals!

Look for old family recipes, historical cookbooks, and regional specialties to try.

Use this site as a place to start your search:

You can ask neighbors, friends, and family members!


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