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How To Improve Your Sleep Quality

According to Sleep Health, in 2022 70% of adults report that they get inefficient sleep at least a few times a month, and 25% report inefficient sleep during at least half of the month.

Poor sleep quality can cause a lot of problems mentally and physical. Not to mention sleep deprivation is on the rise which can cause $100 billion annually in lost productivity at work, medical expenses, sick leave, and more.

This is very concerning and your sleep quality matters in your job, your relationships, your mental health, and YOUR health.

The best thing you can do for yourself RIGHT now is to learn how to improve your sleep quality. Not only will you feel better but it will make you better at life.

I have made sleep a priority and it has raised my mood, productivity, health, lessened my anxiety, AND I want to go be adventurous and do things.

I can now tell when my sleep quality is off based on how I treat myself, others, my motivation, and more.

Below are some ways you can improve your sleep quality. I have done all these things and they have ALL worked wonders. Especially the ChiliSleep system and my Oura Ring. These two products have become a must-have for me.

Make improving your sleep quality a goal for the rest of the year by starting to incorporate these things in the bedroom. Start small and work your way up. AND be aware of how they each make you feel as you go through them.

Happy Sleeping!

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