Why You Should Have Small Indoor Plants

For a really long time, I was not a massive fan of having indoor plants. I thought they were too much to take care of. Also, I don't really consider myself a green thumb. I seem to have terrible luck with plants of any kind. Then, as I got older I started to experiment with different indoor plants. I have gotten many and some just didn't work out for me. Maybe it was the placement more than anything. But after some thought and some indoor plant failures, I have officially figured out what is right for me, small indoor plants with low maintenance and low light.

Who Should Have Small Indoor Plants?

Everyone should have a few indoor plants. I strongly believe this because of the benefits. But I strongly recommend indoor plants for those who see winter months. The days are shorter and the sun doesn't shine as much. Most importantly, there is no green. It almost seems like the outdoors are dormant, nothing is living. Although, things are still living during this time... it may not seem like it.

The winter blues are real people. People do experience depression-like symptoms due to less sun and it's just darker. It's called seasonal affective disorder.

This is where indoor plants come in. Bring the green and the liveliness inside.

Look for indoor plants that require low light that way if you forget to open the blinds, it's all good. Also, if you do live in an area that sees those dark winter months your plant will still be able to thrive because it doesn't require much.

Most small indoor plants only require you to water them every two weeks. And they are very forgiving if you forget for an extra week, making that 3 weeks with no water. I'm guilty of that.

Fun fact: Every two weeks, I fill 2 shot glasses up with water and walk around the house giving my indoor plants shots! Each gets two shots every two weeks.

Small Indoor Plants I Have Now

I have three different kinds of small indoor plants at my house right now. In the future, I plan to get more because I love the concept behind them and the green they add to my house.

I have two ZZ plants in the bedroom. It has thick waxy green leaves and is a great air purifier. It tolerates low light and needs to be watered every 2 weeks. I've had them for about 2 years or so and one of them is growing new stalks! This is another wonderful part about having indoor plants, you get to look for new growth. I thought this ZZ Plant was done growing but it proved me wrong. This is also an excellent plant for beginners... very easy to take care of.

I have two Snake Zeylanica plants in the living room. This is a true succulent plant which means it's pretty hardy. The leaves stand upright in a swordlike way with green reptile-like variegation. These require even less work. Again, it takes indirect light to low light. Indirect would be like if you have the blinds shut but some sun is still coming through. It requires even less light than the ZZ plant. This one only needs to be watered every 2 weeks as well. Extremely hardy so another great plant for beginners or busy humans.

The last variety that I have is two mini Snake plants in the bathroom. These are only 2.5" tall. And they work the same as the Snake Zeylanica plants. The only difference is they are MUCH smaller.

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