A Sustainable Brand Built With Positivity

Sam is the creator and owner of Natural Joy CBD oil. He's an environmentalist who advocates protecting the environment using the best possible practices to make his product. Above all, he's on a mission to help heal pets and people through organic natural remedies and build a sustainable brand as its core focus, including what your package arrives in.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam. He had many incredible holistic wellness insights along with a very interesting story about an insect flour food startup that you will NOT want to miss!

What Made You Start a Sustainable CBD Brand?

I love holistic health wellness. I'm the type of weirdo who will sleep through a night with a headache because he wants to avoid Advil and then try massaging his temples, drinking chamomile tea.

So, our dog started limping. He's a corgi and I was looking into holistic ways to help his limp.

There are different medications you can give him and he was taking them. I started doing research to see what else there was to help. During my research, I landed on CBD oil and we started administering him CBD oil. As a result, his limp was reduced in seven days.

He felt more energized. He's almost eight years old. Then my parents' dog had a seizure. He's a mini black schnauzer. They gave him a prescription drug from the vet. Now I'm not saying to not take those because if I were my parents, I would have probably administered them as well because seeing our mini black schnauzer who has cataracts, having a seizure is one of the most frightening, terrifying sights.

The Seed Had Been Planted

But it planted the seed of I wonder if we can also supplement with something more plant-based and natural. During my research, I learned that CBD can help with seizures. These were two main reasons why CBD came into my life, about nine months ago. That's when this journey began.

I'm so grateful to have found a holistic remedy. There is some really good research. But there needs to be much more and a bigger push to advocate this new plant medicine. Also, there's a lot of stigma behind it. Do I get high from it? But, there's an importance to differentiate CBD versus THC. Natural Joy focuses on CBD, which is the plant compound that doesn't get you high. It should be seen as just another vitamin or supplement that you would add to your regimen.

Why Did You Create a Brand With Sustainable Practices?

I wanted to focus on something that was clean, that was simple. That's why our first product line has no flavor.

There are only two ingredients. There's the carrier oil, which is hemp seed oil, and then the hemp extract or the CBD oil.

So just keeping it very simple, knowing where the farms are based, and getting it tested. I really just wanted to create something clean and natural to benefit the body.

This was important to me because there's a lot of other brands out there that we're seeing that are adding fillers and making it really unnecessary. They are moving away from the whole point of the oil, which is to heal the body with simple, natural ingredients.

How Is Your CBD Oil Made? Do Sustainable Practices Set You Apart From Other Brands?

I did really rigorous, about three to four months, of product testing.

I wanted to make sure it was organic.

It is important to my sustainable brand to make sure the carrier oil was all organic which is the hemp seed oil.

However, the hemp extract is just getting out in terms of USDA certification. What this means is hemp growing, or CBD, in an industrial setting hasn't been approved by the government. So to get a USDA certification is newer. There are only a couple of farms that now have this approval from the government. The government and the FDA have considered it a gray area. Is it legal? Is it not? The federal government passed a law in 2018 called the U.S. Farm Bill. It states that CBD is legal in all 50 States if it has less than 0.3% THC.

So, the federal government has approved CBD with that law in 2018 but the FDA hasn't done enough research or approved of it for them to accredit it which is why it's a gray area.