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How To Use Less Plastic

Who is ready to be a part of the solution? A solution that will help take care of the environment around you. An environment that has taken care of you throughout the years.

There are SO many ways you can help the environment but one way is to use less plastic. We have a very alarming plastic problem. Seems these days EVERYTHING is made of plastic. And as a consumer, it is very hard to get around. Getting rid of plastic completely in this day and age does not seem acheiveable. But... there are things that you can do to lessen your plastic use. One single change will help. It may not seem like it... but it will. Just like donations to organizations, every little bit counts. Doesn't matter if it's one change or multiple changes. Do something today to use less plastic.

To help you get started, here are some ideas to use less plastic. Yes, we all know the standard ones... reusable water bottles, stainless steel straws, reusable grocery bags. And my hope is that most of you are using those strategies today.

These ideas are a little less conventional, for those who are already doing the things above and want to up their game. For those of you who are not already using the strategies above, that's okay! PIck one and do it!

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