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Why Should You Take Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential to add to your daily supplement routine.


Because it is better than taking calcium.

Your body has a really hard time absorbing calcium. You want those strong bones... start taking a Vitamin K1/K2 supplement.

K1 comes from leafy greens. However, eating more leafy greens won't help. the body has a hard time absorbing them from the leafy greens plus you are probably not eating enough to be sufficient.

K2 comes from grass-fed animal products and cheese. Unfortunately, the way we eat and how our food is made has changed. Because of these reasons, many people are not getting the Vitamin K they need.

Therefore, a supplement would be appropriate. Vitamin K is going to be absorbed better and work better in your body than calcium if you are concerned about osteoporosis. Or just want to have those strong bones to prevent getting weaker.

Below are some of the benefits that Vitamin K will give you if taken on a daily basis.

Switch out your calcium pills and go with Vitamin K2 for stronger bones.

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