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A Wellness Tip That is Underrated...

Sharing is a wellness tip that is massively underrated when it comes to our happiness. I used to be a selfish person, and in ways I still am, but not when it comes to sharing a tip about wellness. Now I want to spread my wings or should I say "spread the love" with tips. Tips about life, wellness, nutrition, and what it takes to be truly happy.

My Journey from Selfish to Sharing

At the beginning of my wellness journey, it was all about me. I was doing research, I was experimenting with different products and I was testing what made me feel the best and what gave me the best benefits. My selfishness was in full force, no sharing was happening. It was just for me at the time.

Then one night, I was unable to sleep. I couldn't figure out why. For days, this went on.

I knew my brain was up to something (I'm a pretty good sleeper most of the time so when something is keeping me up, I know my wheels are turning).

I can recall two other times when I couldn't sleep because something was keeping me up. One time, when I was trying to decide whether I wanted to come out to my parents, and the other time when I was deciding to try a pixie cut instead of my long hair.

The last one sounds silly but it was keeping me up so I knew it was time to do it.

Ever have that nagging feeling that just won't go away?

It's intuition telling you it's time.

My writing started selfishly and then bloomed into an experience of sharing tips about wellness. Over the course of a few months, the sharing became a vision. A vision to become an entrepreneur.

The Moment I Realized the Underrated Wellness Tip

Through this journey, I realized it was a mistake to not share what I know with others. I knew it was a mistake to not help others unlock their full potential with the power of positive thinking.

Later on, I started sharing my knowledge with others in September 2019 and it's the best I've felt in a long time. It is the right decision for me and it makes my soul feel good. Now, my soul is smiling at me and it has been smiling at me since the day I started this.

The great news about this underrated tip about wellness is that you can do it anywhere! I encourage you to spread the love and enjoy this super simple wellness tip called sharing.

Extremely Undervalued Tip That Could Improve Your Wellness

Sharing is caring. That's how the saying goes, right? But seriously... this short saying speaks volumes! Volumes that people do not even realize. Sharing truly is underrated and undervalued.

Sharing is a wellness tip for you and it can even be a wellness tip for others that you are sharing with.

How To Share With Others for Wellness

Today, there are many different ways to share with others but these are the two tips that I have found that help with wellness the most. These two tips are genuine and truthful.

Wellness Tip #1- Share Your Own Knowledge

We are all experts at something. Or maybe not an "expert" but are extremely knowledgeable in a certain area. When you share that knowledge with someone in the area you are great at, you just helped another human. You helped them be more successful at whatever it is they needed. What a great way to up your happiness score! Who doesn't love helping others? Besides, it's in our human nature to show compassion.

When we share our knowledge with others, especially when it is spreading positive thoughts, we are helping ourselves feel good on the inside. Ask yourself how you feel when you share something positive with someone else? Do you feel sad? How about happy? Do you notice the smile on the face of another? How do you feel?

My soul smiles when I share it with others. When I post a new article on my blog, my soul smiles. Similarly, the questions I get from others about wellness make my soul smile because it's a chance for me to share my knowledge. Likewise, posting on my social media page makes me smile. Most importantly, sending emails to my subscribers who have signed up to receive my weekly Brain Health Weekly makes my soul smile even more. In other words, these weekly positive emails mean I am sharing positiveness through email and positiveness is my favorite wellness tip to share. These are all forms of sharing! And it feels sooooo good!

Helping your soul feel good on the inside is a form of self-care.

Whatever knowledge you have, you don't have to be an expert, share it with others! Notice how you feel about it and feel your soul smile :)

Wellness Tip #2- Share How You Feel With Others

Another way to share with others is by leaving reviews. Let your favorite author know how you feel by leaving a positive review of their book. That favorite blogger that you love so much, let them know by sending an email or leaving a positive review on Facebook. Is there a social media page you enjoy looking at every day? Give them a review and recommend them to others!

When you share how you feel with others or leave a positive heartfelt review, do you stop to think about how this makes someone feel? Probably not. But you need to know, the person getting that recommendation or that positive review is feeling ecstatic and elated because someone took the time to share positive thoughts with them.

Sharing knowledge with others can make your soul smile but sharing heartfelt reviews or thoughts on another's page can make their soul smile, too.

My First Review That Led to Happiness

And I'm excited to tell you that I got my first Facebook review. And guess what? It made my soul smile when I read it.

My first review:

"Read this blog because it will not steer you in the wrong direction. Ashley Allen is like a GPS for one destination: positivity. The mind can be your best friend or worst enemy. Ashley knows both sides. A simple guide to self-care is an incredible resource for anyone who wishes to go from enemy to friend. Do not delay the process! Ashley's experience and depth of research in this area is highly sought after. I consider myself lucky to be a part of her journey and am excited for everyone to have access and experience it for themselves."

I smiled so much it made my face hurt. This goes to show you, my readers, that sharing a review or a recommendation is wellness for you and wellness for others. Wellness for you because you took the time to share positive thoughts with someone else and wellness for others because you are talking positively about them! Spread the positive... always :)

For more ways to improve happiness, check out this post Can You Buy Happiness? at


Believe it or not, these two wellness tips about sharing are both wellness activities. Two very simple ways to up your wellness game and your self-care game.

Sharing really is caring. Maybe in bigger ways than you imagined. You're caring for your happiness and your caring for others' happiness. Spread your knowledge. Encourage positive vibes. Spread the love with this simple wellness tip; sharing.

Your Certified Brain Health Coach,


Owner of SustainaBRAIN


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