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What Are ANTs?

ANTs are automatic negative thoughts and unfortunately, we all have them... every day. The difference between someone who is more positive than another is how well we talk back to these ANTs.

ANTs Lie

Your thoughts lie to you. They are the biggest liars in the universe. People are constantly fighting with their thoughts and those thoughts win a lot of times.

"I'm not good enough."

" My partner doesn't want me."

"I don't know how anyone could love me."

"No one cares."

And more. These thoughts lie. But sometimes they are so strong, it is hard not to listen to them. Especially when you feel you are not getting the assurance you need.

Once, you learn to truly love yourself and start talking back to these ANTs, that's when you will notice a mindset shift. A healthy outlook in life. Better confidence. Clearer head. Improved relationships with yourself and with others. And you'll find that you can manage your stress better.

Speaking Of Stress

We all need a little stress in our lives. It is healthy to have a little. It keeps us aware and thinking about the consequences.

However, when the stress becomes too much, this is when stress management comes in. You need to find things that will help you manage your stress and keep those ANTs down.

Or you can work with someone to help you find strategies to help with stress and someone who can give you a personalized supplement stack that can help with stress.

If you have trouble with ANTs, want to learn more about ANTs, want to learn how to talk back to your ANTs, or need help managing your stress, contact me, and let's work together. Stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts are not a great mixture. Let's work on that together and get your mental health improved so you're feeling better!


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