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Why Are Omega -3 Fatty Acids Essential?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Did you know that eating fish one time per week is not sufficient enough for the amount of Omega-3 our body actually needs? Did you know that approximately 10% of people report that they are taking an Omega-3 supplement? Did you know that Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your brain health? And did you know that you are probably not getting enough of it to support the functioning of your brain? In fact, there are only about 2% of people in the world who are getting a sufficient amount of it!

Your Brain and Omega-3

Your brain has more connections than there are stars in the universe! There are about 100 billion cells in your brain and these cells are all connected to each other. These connections create another 10,000 individual connections per cell.

And each of these cells requires the fatty acid, Omega-3. When these cells have adequate amounts of fatty acid, you give them the building blocks to work at peak performance.

I will use the popular quote that my mentor, Dr. Amen, has coined, "When your brain works right, you work right."

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And in order for your brain to work right, you need to be giving it the proper supplements it needs.

A good place to start is an Omega-3 supplement.

Omega Fatty Acids and Inflammation

Omega-3 fatty acids are involved in many areas of the brain and can help you with many areas in your life including but not limited to:

  • Blood flow to the brain

  • Aging

  • Inflammation

  • Genetic vulnerabilities

  • Head trauma

  • Toxins

  • Mental health

  • Infections

  • Hormone issues

  • Diabesity

  • Sleep problems

Omega-3 supplementation can help with all these areas but inflammation is a big one. Omega-3's are essential to help with inflammation.

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Due to the SAD diet, aka Standard American Diet which is filled with fast and processed foods, many Americans are walking around with inflammation.

Inflammation is not normal. It can be seen on the outside such as swelling, acne, bumps on your skin. But, it can also be on the inside. This is the most dangerous because you can't see it. But your body can be inflamed on the inside. If your joints hurt, that's inflammation. If you feel any pain or are sore, most likely it's inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is like a constant fire inside your body. Over time, it damages organs and it can destroy your brain.

And guess what? Inflammation is connected to low omega-3 levels.

When we feel this way, we usually reach for the ibuprofen. But... that doesn't fix the problem. That's slapping a band-aid on the problem. Omega-3 can help fix the problem if taken consistently and correctly.

Omega-3 and Sensitivity

If you find yourself more sensitive than others, your limbic system may be more active than it should be.

For example, you may:

  • struggle with your moods

  • find yourself more pessimistic than optimistic in many situations

  • you have a lot of automatic negative thoughts

  • you're overly sensitive to things

  • you feel deeply

  • you tend to get depressed easily

To optimize the limbic system in your brain, one helpful strategy you can use is to take Omega-3 fatty acids.

Your mood is linked to the Omega-3's that your brain cells have stored. If you want to be in a better mood, not have emotional roller coasters all the time, be more optimistic in most situations, and help control those negative thoughts, Omega-3 supplements can help.

Optimize Your Omega-3

If you are not sure if you are low in omega-3, get it tested. Either go to your doctor and ask for labs or you can do it right from your home.

I recently got my levels checked and I did it all while sitting in my home office. It is extremely easy. Now, I am not happy with myself because of the results I have gotten back.

But... now that I know what my levels are, I can now tailor my Omega-3 supplementation for what I need.

Here are my personal Omega-3 index levels... now that I know what they are, I can optimize them. Mine definitely need some work.

My levels were 5.07% and they should be between 8%-12%. I can now aim for this number by doubling my omega-3 intake and get my levels tested again in 6 months.

If you are interested in getting your levels checked, which I recommend you do as this is the first step towards better brain health, check out one of these websites:

  1. - this is where I got my first levels checked and will do again in the next 6 months

  2. - another recommended site to get lab work done from home without a doctor's orders

Every Area of Your Brain

Your limbic system is an area of the brain that tremendously benefits from Omega-3 supplements.

However, every single area of your brain can benefit from an Omega-3 supplement. A balanced brain, a persistent brain, a spontaneous brain, and so on.

Your brain makes up 2% of your body but it has the MOST connections and your brain is involved in everything you do. It is your most expensive real estate. Give it what it needs and it will reward you.

One of the best Omega-3 supplements in the market is by BrainMD. Clinically studied to boost your Omega-3 the natural way. Take 10% Off Your Order Today! Just use code LUCKY10 at checkout!

You feel happier, more energized, successful. You are not stuck with the brain you have. You can change your brain and you can change your life.

Start by taking an Omega-3 supplement. Your brain will thank you.

Ashley Allen

Licensed Brain Health Trainer

Owner & Founder of SustainaBrain

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