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60-Day Wellness Journal

60-Day Wellness Journal

Struggling with wellness ideas to add to your daily lifestyle? Too busy to write in a lengthy journal? This is your one-stop journal with everything you need in it. It's all things wellness and it's one-of-a-kind. This journal is specifically tailored towards the busy human, taking as little as 5 minutes to complete daily.


It comes with a very simple layout with ideas on wellness tasks you can do each day until they become a habit. This journal is complete with a wellness tracker for each month and your daily pages with the most important things to create a positive outlook. It has a spot for affirmations of the day, a spot for your daily gratitudes, a place to put what wellness idea you will try that day, and a spot for open-ending reflections. IF you struggle with reflecting on your day, there are even reflection questions in the front of the journal to help you! 


Plus... there are 2 FREE weeks in this journal making it like no other on the market. You get 2 FREE weeks at the end of the journal at no extra cost to you. 


This journal is sent in eco-friendly packaging as well. So make sure you recycle :)

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