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Brain Health Assessment Packet

Brain Health Assessment Packet

Are you ready to learn more about your brain and mental health?


This is a digital product that you will receive immediately following your confirmed order. 


Here is what it entails:


A science-backed Brain Systems Assessment- know the systems that run your life.


BRIGHT MINDS Risk Factor Assessment- this science-backed assessment will interpret your relative risk factors for developing Alzheimer's.


Know Your Important Health Numbers information- these are the numbers and tests that are critical to know to optimize your health.


Know Your Dragons Questionnaire- these are things from the past that might be impacting your life.


ANTs Assessment (automatic negative thoughts)- which ANT or ANTs are infesting your brain.


What this does not include:

- working with me on ways you can improve your brain/mental health. After you have done the assessments, you'll learn a lot of information about your mental health.


If you do your assessments and want to find ways to improve your mental/brain health, please contact me so we can work together.


These assessments were provided by Dr. Amen at the Amen Clinics and I'm licensed to use them.

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