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Make The Switch Scheduler

Make The Switch Scheduler

Making the switch to chemical-free, all natural products doesn't have to be a scary, overwhelming task. The key to making the switch efficiently is this scheduler, an easy-to-follow monthly planner that includes all the natural products I know to be truly chemical-free.


This is the exact schedule I used to switch out all my products and create a chemical-free, all natural household that is good for my body, my brain, and the environment. No financial struggles, no stress about who to trust, all the research done for you.


Follow this simple monthly checklist planner by buying your products in bulk each month. Then, move to the next month. This will eventually create a mostly chemical-free household and less stress on you because the research is already done for you.


Follow this monthly checklist planner step-by-step for creating a chemical-free, all natural home.

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