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How to Have Clean Air In Your Home

Who here enjoys the fresh air when you open the windows on a fall day? I know I do. But I also know that having the windows open can help clean the air in my home. Unfortunately, we can't have our windows open all the time where I'm from. So, what do I do?

So, many of you know that I live chemical-free, at least try to for the most part. This can sometimes be a little tricky.

But there is still one product that I will not go without and it's Iron Out Spray.

So, I live in the country and we use well water. The water here contains A LOT of iron. As a result, the water can be a little orange which leads to an orange bathtub. Sigh.

I have tried everything to help with this problem when it comes to chemical-free cleaning products. But none of them seem to do the trick as well as Iron Out.

This stuff really works and helps keep the iron at bay.

However, the chemicals are strong. :( I actually have to take breathers when I do my weekly bathroom cleaning. My eyes start to water, my throat starts to tickle. I start to cough or just flat out can't breathe.

It's a harsh product. But it's the only chemical we use in our house so I just have to bear it.

Other than this product, I take pride in the work I do to keep the air clean in my home.

So, what do you do when you can't open the windows and you want to keep the air clean? Read on to find out.

Why Keep Your Home Air Clean?

So, let's face it... a lot of us OVER-CLEAN. Can you believe there is even such a thing?

The fact is that there is. We have been taught to clean, clean, clean right? But this can be creating a dangerous air environment that you don't want in your home.

The harsh chemicals that we use to clean our homes plus over-cleaning can actually create toxic mold!

So, what exactly happens when we clean with harsh chemicals?

Well, when we clean with these chemicals and do it consistently we are creating resistant bacteria, kinda like how we created superbugs (I know, gross) but this is what's happening. Or we can compare it to taking antibiotics for too long. Your body becomes resistant to it and it doesn't work anymore. The same thing is happening with the air in your home. We are creating bacteria that are resistant and it's causing an increase of mold and other bad bacteria.

These harsh chemicals can also be erasing the good bacteria that your home needs to thrive. Everyone... your home needs good bacteria! It's like how a human body works. You have good bacteria and bad bacteria in there. There needs to be a balance for you to feel good. Same thing with the air in your home. It needs a balance.

So, how do we clean and bring back the good bacteria or microbes in our home?

Less Harsh Cleaning Products

A good place to start is to ease up on the harsh chemical cleaning products out there.

The fewer chemicals you use, the more your house will be able to breathe in that clean air. The more you will be able to breathe in cleaner air. Which ultimately means, clean air in your home.

These cleaners are not going to have the same chemicals in them as say your Mr. Clean or Clorox does. And, yes, they do the same job as the products with chemicals in them. You just might not be hacking up a lung or struggling to breathe when you use them. The air in your home will appreciate the better cleaning products.

They say DIY is the best route to go. However, DIY may not be an option for most of us. So, here are some good all-purpose cleaners you can try. They have no chemicals in them and are better for the air in your home and for you!

  • Branch Basics

  • Airbiotics

  • Meliora

  • Dr. Bronners

These cleaners get the job done just the same as those dirty chemical cleaners. Start cleaning with these products and you will decrease your risk of mold exposure and have cleaner air in your home.

Restore and Balance For Clean Air

After you have established a better cleaning routine without the harsh chemicals, the next step is to restore the healthy bacteria in your home. Well, how in the world can you do that?

Homebiotics. This is a spray that is filled with friendly bacteria. Think of probiotics for your gut. You use this to restore the friendly bacteria in your gut. Because when the bad bacteria take over, you don't feel good.

Homebiotics can be thought of as the same. With every spray, you are filling your home with happy bacteria. The bacteria it needs to help restore cleaner air and to balance out the bad bacteria. Because when you have too much bad bacteria, which can be caused by the use of chemicals, you could create a moldy environment. Yikes!

So, here's what happens when you spray Homebiotics. In a natural environment, even outside, there is a balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria. This helps prevent one of them from growing out of control.

When you use antibacterial cleaners, most of the bacteria are wiped out, even the good stuff. However, when we overuse we are creating that resistant bacteria and it will start growing again quickly. As a result, you have an unbalanced environment where the bad will take over.

Using Homebiotics prevents this unbalanced environment from happening. Because when you spray it, it is filling your home with home-friendly microbes that it needs to remain balanced.

It's simple and effective. All you have to do is spray it around your house. I spray 3 times a week. It takes less than 5 minutes. It's nice to have that peace of mind. Thumbs up to this company... thank you Homebiotics! No mold here.

The Queen of Air Purifiers

Home air purifiers are VERY important if you are wanting cleaner air in your home. Specifically, one that uses HEPA filters.

These will clear out allergens, smoke, germs, dust, chemicals, VOCs, smog, pollution, dander. All the little things in the air that could be affecting you but you can't see.

I have used multiple air purifiers in my home. But my favorite is the Wynd. I have 2 of them. One for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. It is a full air purifying system.

I'm not kidding when I say this thing is the queen of air purifiers. This thing is SMART.

What do you mean it's smart? That's a strange thing to say. How does this thing work?

The Wynd Halo picks up anything that is bad in the air. Then, the Halo will alert the Wynd air purifier that something is in the air. The air purifier will kick on and suck it out. And done. You don't do anything.

It has 3 different strengths and an auto mode. So, mine is on auto mode so that when it detects something, it will run however high it needs to, to get whatever it is out of the air. Once, the air is clean it will go back down to a lower setting.

One feature I like is it tells you what is in the air. So, if it's some particle it will say particulate. If it's a VOC, it will tell you. It gives your air a score, too. So, mine is an 83 out of 100, this is considered Fair. This is the next best thing to having perfect air quality. 90-100 is considered the best air quality. Anything that dips below 70 is considered unhealthy.

So, I literally do nothing to clean the air with this thing. It does it for me which is nice in a busy life.

Want Clean Air In Your Home?

These are the top 3 things you need to do if you want better air in your home.

I know it's hard to think about the air environment and how much it can affect us because we can't see it.

But it has more of an impact on your health than you think. These three things have tremendously improved my air quality.

Do these three things to get cleaner air in your home. Get rid of the harsh cleaning chemicals and swap it out for the natural cleaners above. Buy some Homebiotics and start spraying that good bacteria everywhere in your home. And last but not least, buy a HEPA air purifier. Either the one that I mentioned above or a different HEPA air purifier.


Brain Health Coach

Owner of SustainaBRAIN


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