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Exercise Steps To A Safe Handstand

Remember as a kid, you would always try to do a handstand. It was like a challenge to do. That along with headstands. That was my experience, maybe not yours. But regardless, doing a handstand as an adult would be super bada$$. This advanced posture may feel out of reach for many, but I assure you that with time and practice, you too will be going upside down.

Like other bodyweight exercises, handstands are easier on your joints than traditional weight training exercises or high-impact plyometrics. Handstands require unmatched levels of full-body tension and the help of dozens of muscle groups. From core and arm strength to wrist and shoulder mobility, handstands do it all.

These exercise steps will not only help you safely progress to a handstand but will also help you build a body that feels better and moves better than you ever imagined. Here is your chance to get motivated and have FUN while working out.

Let's Rock To Build Up Your Wrist Strength

This exercise step is called Quadruped Rocking. This is a great move to help you prepare for a handstand.

Begin on all fours, then slowly sit back on the heels with the arms outstretched. Slowly rock forward to the point where the shoulders are extending to 90 degrees. Focus on maintaining good alignment.

As you are rocking back and forth, feel where the weight rests in your hands.

- When you rock back, it sits more in the heel of your hands.

- When you rock forward, you’ll feel it in your knuckles and fingertips.

When doing a handstand, you want to feel the weight right around your knuckles. I suggest pausing at 90 degrees for 1-2 seconds and then slowly moving back to the start position. Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions in a deliberate and controlled fashion. Find and feel that balance when you rock.

Use The Trusted Plank To Build Up Your Core

This exercise step is called the Straight Arm Plank. Plank challenges your shoulder and arm muscles as well as your core.

- From your hands and knees, spread your fingers and put your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders with your arms straight.

- Lift your knees off the floor and move onto your toes.

- Pull your stomach muscles in towards your spine to keep your core strong and your back flat.

- Hold the straight arm plank for 10 seconds, building to 30 seconds.

Practice plank daily.

Do Your Push-ups To Strengthen Your Upper Body

Push-ups are a great way to build upper body strength. While you are building strength, you can modify the exercise by keeping your knees on the ground if a full push-up feels too daunting.

- From your hands and knees, spread your fingers and place your hands under your shoulders

- Lift yourself into the straight arm plank position

- Pull your stomach muscles towards your spine to keep a strong core- Lower your whole body towards the ground by bending at the elbows

- Push yourself away from the ground by straightening your arms

- Repeat the up-down movement 10 times, making sure to make the movement controlled and not too fast.

Don't forget to start with your wrist and shoulder warm-up!

These 3 moves plus the 3 tips from my previous post are a great way to progress safely into a handstand. Make it a fun goal, bring out your inner child. But do it safely. Take these exercise steps and tips to help you build up to doing a full handstand.

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