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How To Show Up For Yourself

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Most of us understand that change requires work, and while we may have the tools to achieve our goals, we all need a little extra push now and again.

Accountability offers that boost of motivation. It’s easy to skip a workout when no one is looking, but having someone else counting on you means you have to show up. Learn how to show up for yourself each and every day.

After all, showing up is half the battle. No one goes to the gym and then decides to go home without working up a sweat. Here are some tips and tools to help you show up for yourself so you can do what you set out to do.

Create a Routine That Helps You Show Up For Yourself

Without a routine, it’s easy to make excuses, so it’s important that you plan workout time into your schedule.

Don’t just tell yourself you’ll hit the gym at some point on any given day. Chances are this will backfire because you’re not creating a routine.

Schedule an hour every day to go to the gym, hit the weights for a few minutes at home, or work with a personal trainer.

Seeing Is Believing- Track Your Progress

Make sure to track your measurable outcomes.

Once you start to see numbers change, holding yourself accountable for doing the work will be easier.

Try getting some baseline measurements to help track your progress. Check your weight, take body circumference measurements, or get a body-fat analysis done.

It can be encouraging to SEE progress being made (or lack thereof) to help reinforce adherence to your fitness plan or to make changes to what you're doing.

Track Your Eating

A great way to hold yourself accountable is to keep a food journal.

You may not realize how little protein you’re getting or how much sugar you’re consuming until it’s written out in black and white.

Eating well and KNOWING exactly what is going into your body might be the most important step in making change.

Keeping a food journal is a great way to revisit what is going well and what needs adjustment to build consistency with your nutritional intake.

Have you ever kept a food diary? If not, how confident are you that you’re nourishing your body with your current dietary habits?

Positive Support System

Make sure to let others in your life know about the journey you are embarking on for your health.

Let those closest to you know you need their support. If they’re not on board, don’t let them drag you down.

Ask yourself this question when deciding who to surround yourself with:

- Who will you count on to help hold you accountable?

Sign Up For A Competition

Signing up for a competition is a great way to help hold yourself accountable.

Competition gives you something way more motivating to work toward than simply changing the way you look on the outside.

I have been signing up for these races in this app called Yes.Fit. I have been running for most of my adult life as part of my workout routine. But I wanted something that could spice it up a bit. So, I signed up for this.

My first race was called the Orcas Race and the race I am doing now is called Flock It for the Flamingos. This app is interesting because when you log your workouts, it shows you on Google street view where you stopped and you get to take in the scenery a little. They also have videos or messages at certain mile markers which is nice to keep you motivated.

In each race, you are running somewhere different. In the Orcas race, I was running around Orca Island and San Juan Island up in Washington, and in the flamingo race I am in Bolivia, Argentina.

You can complete the miles at your pace and once you finish, they send you the reward that you chose. I was so excited to get my first medal and t-shirt.

What kind of competition motivates you?

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