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What Do You Know About Talk Therapy?

The mind is a complicated, scary, magnificent, and powerful thing. The state of our mental world can impact everything from our relationships to our physical health and influence every aspect of our life and the way we see the world around us. If you’re ready to learn more about how you might benefit from working with a therapist or a licensed brain health coach, don’t miss out on this post about talk therapy.

Engaged In Toxic Behavior?

Most of our daily behavior is automatic. Events, people, and situations can trigger certain feelings, and we’re just along for the ride…right?

Not necessarily.

Although it seems as though our feelings and emotions get the best of us and our reactions are entirely out of our control, that’s not entirely accurate. Every day, we make small decisions and engage in habits that, over months, years, and decades, result in patterns that shift and form our thoughts and reactions.

Do you often put yourself down or think badly of your appearance, worth, or capability?

Do you engage in poor lifestyle choices that you know are making you feel sick, exhausted, or ashamed?

Are you continuing to expose yourself to people who don’t value, love, or respect who you are as a person?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that there is potential for change.

These outcomes are the result of negative thought patterns that stemmed from something in your past. Working with a therapist or a licensed brain health coach can help you pinpoint these thoughts, recognize when they come up, and stop them in their tracks so that you can move forward with your life, happier and healthier.

Are you ready to get started? If so, contact me on my website and let's talk about the 4 Circles Of Healing.

Are You Self-Medicating?

Have you noticed your intake of alcohol has increased? Maybe instead of one glass of wine in the evening, it’s been two lately. Or perhaps a six-pack of beer disappears faster than it used to. Maybe you partake in other substances that seem to lift you up, calm you down, or just get you out of your typical, overworked mental space and relax your mind.

Take a moment to think about what substances you use to get you through your day, week, or month.

Do you drink coffee or caffeinated beverages in copious amounts to get you up and going in the morning or throughout the day?

Do you pour yourself a glass of wine for dinner each night but end up drinking nearly the whole bottle?

If you keep beer in the house, how often do you make a trip to the store to replenish?

When you don’t have access to your substance of choice when you want it, how do you feel?

If your answer to any one of these questions brought you guilt, shame, or hesitation about your lifestyle choices, you may be leaning a bit too heavily on substances to make up for functions that your body should be able to handle on its own.

Of course, learning to detach from substances takes many forms and requires many steps. For example, if you’re relying heavily on caffeine, perhaps it’s because your stress is keeping you from getting a good nights’ sleep. However, the root cause of any unhealthy coping habit can usually be traced back to stress that the body is experiencing—and the first step to tackling that stress is to talk to a therapist or a licensed brain health coach.

If you’re ready to get the help you need, contact me at and let's talk about how you self-medicate and what we can do to improve your stress.

Does Your Life Excite You?

Even someone who seems to have “everything” can feel like they’re living an unfulfilled life. This is because all the ways we measure “success” are entirely arbitrary—there is no one formula that creates the “perfect” life!

Ask yourself right now, “Am I happy?”

Reflect on your answer. Did you hesitate? Did you want to tack on a “but” to the end of your thought? If so, that’s okay. In fact, that’s pretty normal—but it doesn’t have to be YOUR normal.

If you’ve been feeling as though you’re just going through the motions of your life, or have been struggling to find a hobby, person, or habit to fill the void that you feel, talking to a professional or a licensed brain health coach can help.

You deserve to feel well. You deserve to feel worthy. You deserve to wake up every morning ready and excited to see what the day ahead has to offer you.

Are you ready to make the first move?

If so, contact me at and let's talk about what excites you and how to get you back on track.


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