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A Unique Vision Board Example Part 1

Updated: May 19, 2021

Vision boards are getting all the rage right now. After years of contemplating whether I wanted to actually do one for myself, I finally caved to see what it was all about.

First, I must say it was exciting to create one of my own. Second, there was a lot of thought that went into this thing. And third, it actually has helped me take a direction in my life.

So, I thought I'd share my vision board example with my readers because mine feels a little different than other vision boards I have seen. I also want to share with you the process I went through. Because it wasn't just cutting out pictures and putting them on a corkboard.

Vision Board Example Process

The first thing I did was find many words that resonated with me. These words were words that I valued personally. Not words that everyone else thought I should value.

This list ended up being longer than expected. So, I had to narrow it down somehow. So, I grouped words. I created a title for similar words and grouped them into one. And this became the word that I valued that encompassed all of these things that I want out of life. Kind of like an umbrella.

I used these words to inspire my vision board and the images that went on it.

Instead of my vision board just being words, I have a combination of words and images on mine.

My Vision Board Example: Freedom

The first word I chose was freedom. Freedom is something I'm lacking in my life right now.

My career dictates my life. It tells me when to wake up, what I should be doing during my day, and it leaves me exhausted to the point where I don't want to do anything else. It tells me that I can't eat at my favorite place because the hours are 8-3 and I'm working then. It tells me I can't go to a nice dinner during the week because I have to work tomorrow and don't want to be home late. It tells me that I can only travel in the summer. I'm on a set pay schedule with not a whole lot of room to make more. I can't control these things.

Well, something changed in me at the end of 2019 into 2020. I just don't want to do this anymore. I want to be in control of my own life in more aspects than just my personal life. I want to be in control of my work life, too. I want a career where I can be free to make my own schedule and go to lunch when I want to.

I want to have the opportunity to make more money quickly instead of being stuck at what I am now. I don't want to wait 6 years just to get over a certain salary. I want to be in more control of this. I want to buy a car without freaking out about the monthly payments!

I want to have the freedom to travel during other months than just the summer when prices are soaring. I want to travel in March or September. I want to space my vacations out, not have to go back-to-back just to get them all in. Because ultimately, by the end, it's not a vacation because I feel rushed to do things. And in the end... traveling becomes exhausting. I want a chance to space my travels out so I don't have to feel like this. I can be in the moment with each place. BE PRESENT.


The next word I chose was growth.

I want to always be learning, always be improving myself as a human.

One of my dreams is to have a greenhouse. Growing vegetables is something I have always wanted to try. So in my growth section, I have a picture of a greenhouse. Each year I want to learn how to grow a new vegetable. In the end, I will have the means to grow my own vegetables to put on the table. But I need a greenhouse. Otherwise, I'm going to be serving dinner to the deer family that lives out by me. This is not a bad thing... but I'd like to eat what I grow, too.

In this area of my life, I will also be starting a new career. It's going to be a big switch with a steep learning curve. But my willingness to learn is what I need here. The growth and the opportunity that I will have here will help me continue to grow as a human. It will also teach me better time management by giving me more freedom.

The last thing I have in this area is to get my brain scan done at the Amen Clinics. This alone will provide me with so much information. After this scan is done, I will officially know what is going on in my brain. Then, I will be able to work with a professional to improve the areas of my brain that need improving. Talk about growth all in one step! This brain scan will also help me kick start my small business.

This right here is all growth to me. Learning how to grow different vegetables, starting a new career, and getting my brain scan done so I can improve it and get to my full potential.

Inner Peace

I want to live in peace. I don't want to be debating or fighting with myself on the inside. I dream of calmness on the inside. Calmness that helps me prepare for those big moments where I should be a little stressd. But after the stress is gone, I want to be able to calm back down on the inside. Not let it fester or not be able to come down from the stress.

In this section of my vision board, I want to continue the wellness routine I have going in the morning and the evening. These wellness routines have helped me perform my best most days and get me through days that have not been so easy.

My goal is to get to some wellness retreats as well. Ones that work on meditation, yoga, etc. Retreats that help me get in touch with myself and help me improve my inner peace.

The last thing in this section is to see whales, specifically Orcas if possible, in the wild. I can just imagine being on a boat and seeing my first whale. I can picture how I would react in that moment. And everytime I think about it... I feel a sense of peace of seeing these beautiful creatures where they are meant to be.

My unique vision board part 2 coming soon. I will talk about the other half of my words with you and why I chose them. I hope to inspire you to create your own vision board and remind you that it doesn't have to be like everyone elses. A vision board is meant to be uniquely yours.


Owner of SustainaBrain

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