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Do You Need to Use Light Therapy on Skin?

You may have heard a lot about using light therapy on your skin recently. And... you may have heard there are many different light therapies that you can use. Infrared, red, LED. However, you may be wondering whether you need to use light therapy or not. In short, the answer is YES!

But Why?

Let me tell you a personal story.

As an adult, I suffer from what they call adult acne. And it sucks. I go through a self-esteem roller coaster. The face is clear, I'm on a high. The face is not clear, I'm super low.

And this is because of the popular idea that only teenagers with raging hormones get acne. But listen... the cause of acne goes FAR beyond just hormones. Yes, hormones play a big part.

But... now we have environmental toxins at an all-time high which can cause breakouts, our terribly made food can cause breakouts, and on top of hormones... it's really not a good mix.

And then, you have me. On top of all those things, I'm also sensitive to nightshades. These are vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, pepper spices, that create a certain defense when they are in the ground to protect them from bugs. This causes autoimmune inflammation which makes my face break out. Yes, I steer clear from these as much as I can. But... I can't always control what spices go in foods especially at a family get-together.

One wrong thing I eat, something as simple as a little spice, I will be inflamed the next day.

The Good News

However, when these breakouts happen... I use light therapy on my skin.

I do this because it improves the healing time, it boosts my collagen production, help with scars, and it lowers inflammation.

These three benefits combined have significantly improved my skin. Likewise, it has increased my self-esteem.

When I get breakouts, I now know I don't have to suffer for weeks for it to go away. Then, have to deal with the scars when it's over.

How Light Therapy Works

Before I get into the great benefits of this, I want to point out first that dermatologists have been using this treatment for a very long time. Laser therapy ring a bell for anyone?

Infrared and red light therapy has been largely researched by clinics around the world. It is proven to be a safe, natural, and effective way to treat your problem skin. Side note: even if you don't have problem skin... I still recommend light therapy because of the benefits of collagen production.

To sum up, how light therapy works, infrared light delivers wavelengths of natural light to your skin. It also goes underneath your skin to help your cells, too. This wavelength has no chemicals, UV rays, and it doesn't get very hot. It's all-natural. These wavelengths stimulate your mitochondria in your skin cells, similar to the way natural light does. Therefore, this light reduces oxidative stress on your skin and increases circulation.

Just think of how you feel in the summer compared to the winter. Summer has more sun and you are happier. Winter comes with less sun and we suffer from the winter blues.

That's because of the natural light. Infrared wavelengths simulate natural light.

Improves Healing Time

This is my favorite benefit out of all three benefits I'm going to write about.

I have had major success with my healing times. When I would break out before using light therapy, it would last for weeks! It was like I just couldn't get rid of it. I remember wanting to cut my hair short, pixie style, and thinking how am I going to hide my face?

I look back on this moment and want to cry. Because... I was more worried about my face than doing something I really wanted.

So, my breakouts would last for weeks. On top of that, I would have to deal with the scars that were left behind. Now... my acne took weeks to heal but scars take MONTHS.

When I started infrared light therapy, it was healed within 4 days, a week at the max. And... I had no scars left behind!

This is great news! However, I am still healing from scars left behind before I started this treatment. But... it isn't piling on anymore. Where I feel like it is never-ending. Improvements have been made, my healing time has been cut down extremely, and I don't walk around with a hurting face for weeks.

So if you have problem skin like me, give infrared lighting a try. It can cut your healing time in half or more, scars are not left behind because acne is being healed properly, and your face will stop hurting within a day or so.

Lowers Inflammation

This is my second favorite benefit of light therapy on your skin.

So, as we know inflammation hurts! You sprain your ankle and it swells, that's inflammation. Painful! Do your joints hurt? That's usually because your joints are inflamed. Acne? It's inflammation of the skin! Those super red dots on your face are inflammation. And it hurts! So, inflammation is not a good thing.

Infrared light therapy to the rescue! Using light therapy can help decrease inflammation. Therefore, your face hurts less and for a shorter amount of time.

I'd say the average for me is around two days.

Since I started doing light therapy and face masks my face doesn't break out as often. And when I do break out, very rarely does it hurt.

But when it does, light therapy really does wonders. Within two days or less, my inflammation is down and my face doesn't hurt anymore. The acne is still there... but it doesn't hurt anymore. In other words, I'm healing. And quickly!

Light Therapy Boosts Collagen Production

Last, but definitely not least, using light therapy boosts collagen production.

Above I stated that I recommend everyone use light therapy on their skin. This is the reason why. Collagen production.

Your skin is made of collagen. And guess what the largest organ of your body is? Your skin!

But yet many people don't really think about their skin. Unless it is aging or sagging, right? People don't think about what they are putting ON their skin and they don't think about what they are putting IN their bodies that could affect their skin.

So, if it's your largest organ why do we not think about it more often? Or take better care of it? It's because we don't notice the signs of it being in trouble until it starts aging. When it's harder to get it to bounce back.

Collagen starts breaking down, decreasing, at the age of 25! That is super young.

This gradual breakdown of collagen is what creates wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, crows feet, and dark circles under your eyes. These are ALL signs that you don't have enough collagen in your body.

Infrared light therapy can help you increase your collagen production in your skin.

Many people take collagen supplements, such as me, or use creams that have collagen in them already. And yes, these all help! But there is nothing like your body naturally producing its own collagen. The more you can produce naturally the better your skin will be.

That's why infrared lighting is so important for everyone. Because it helps your body produce collagen naturally. It's stronger. On top of that, if you are taking collagen powders, you are doubling the production.

So, why are you not take care of your skin?

How to Use Light Therapy

There are many different devices out there now because of the recent research. There's a company called TrueLight and Joovv that are really great. However, if you are not looking to spend this much right now... there are other things on the market for you to try.

I actually use one from a company called Beurer. It's inexpensive and just what I need for now.

Using a light therapy device is very simple. The best time to use it is either in the morning or in the evening. So whenever you shower, use the device after. Or... say you shower in the morning but don't have time to add something to your morning routine because you have to get to work. Instead, do light therapy at night AFTER you wash your face. You always want to use light therapy with a clean face. You don't want anything blocking the light.

For example, some skincare products have sunscreen in them. That will block the light and you will not receive the full benefits.

So, morning or evening with a clean face.

I use my light therapy device in the evening after I shower. I do it for 10 minutes every other night. That's just my routine.

You can do the lighting for 15 minutes every night if you want to. You get to decide what works for you!

I gave you some tips on the best time to do it but the rest is up to you.

Whatever you do, I highly recommend you get three days or more of light therapy each week for the best results.


Light therapy on your skin is a serious game-changer. It is safe, effective, and natural. It is a treatment that is being used by professionals all around the world. And now... you can get this treatment in your own home without paying a lot of money. Use it to improve your healing, lower your inflammation, and increase collagen production. Because remember, we don't stay young forever but we can certainly help ourselves out by doing something simple, natural, and effective!


Certified Brain Health Coach

Owner of SustainaBRAIN


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