6 Natural Toothpaste and Mouthwashes to Try

Let's talk about toothpaste and mouthwash. You put toothpaste in your mouth two times a day. Something that is supposed to clean your teeth, right? So... my question is... why are we putting unclean ingredients in our mouth to clean something? This seems a little backward to me. Thinking of this... I quickly switched to natural toothpaste.

Mouthwash, you may use less than toothpaste. But still... why put something unclean into your mouth?

Ingredients in Common Toothpaste Brands

Big toothpaste brands such as Colgate and Crest have ingredients in them that don't need to be going in your mouth.

For example, sodium lauryl sulfate and a polymer called PEG-12.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a foaming agent in many beauty products. It's in your shampoo, shaving creams, basically anything that has foaming action. It's not a major toxic threat but it can cause major irritations on your skin or in your mouth. Allergic reactions and contamination concerns are linked with this chemical. It is derived from coconut oil or petroleum but it is synthesized in a lab. This means that there is no way of knowing whether the company producing it is undergoing any investigation of the chemical.

PEG-12 is a synthetic polymer that is used as a thickener or softener. It is another chemical that can be modified with other compounds with no restrictions. Health impacts are contamination concerns and irritations when contact is made with the eyes. Likewise, it can cause itchiness and redness with the skin if contact is made.

Now... why would we put this in our mouth when we don't have to. There are companies out there making natural toothpaste from organic ingredients FROM THE EARTH.

So, let's dive in and find you a great natural toothpaste and mouthwash!

My Magic Mud Natural Toothpaste

My Magic Mud has many other products but I really like their Peppermint Charcoal toothpaste.

They have a really great story on how their company was founded, too! The founder, Jessica, had a daughter who was prone to cavities and very sensitive teeth. She went searching for a natural remedy that would help her. She tried sea salt, baking soda, and other things. But, of course, no child wants to put that in their mouth because it's yucky, right? So, the founder Jessica wanted to find something that worked and something her daughter would enjoy.

With a few failed attempts, she stumbled upon the ingredients she uses in My Magic Mud.

To sum it up, with a motivation (helping her daughter) and a passion (helping others with oral care) a business was born. A business built on a mother's love and compassion for her daughter.

Her peppermint charcoal formula is natural, safe, non-GMO, vegan, fluoride-free, and helps prevent cavities by using Xylitol. Xylitol is a proven method to help fight cavities (side note: that's why you should chew gum that is sweetened with it rather than other sugar).

One tip on using this toothpaste, it can be messy! At least for me, it was as a first time user. I use an electric toothpaste and it went everywhere! So, just make sure you are gentle when brushing your teeth. Otherwise, you'll have little black dots everywhere like me!

Weleda Toothpaste

Weleda is another great company that has many different products. They've got lotions, body wash, hair care, and toothpaste.

Weleda was started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own plant garden. They have created products almost 100 years ago that would help reconnect the body to nature using plants!

Their mission is to create natural products by using environmentally safe and sustainable practices.

They use flowers, fruits, minerals, essential oils, and root extracts from the earth to create their products.