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I Am Ashley
Owner & Founder of SustainaBrain

You are in a war for the health of your brain. With a little forethought and a clear plan, you can boost your brain and improve everything in your life and the lives of those you love and those you serve. I am here for you every step of the way!

About SustainaBrain

"You're not stuck with the brain you have."

As a Dr. Amen Licensed Brain Health Coach I guide you and give you the tools to help you incorporate brain health principles into your life.

Are you struggling with a lack of motivation? Are you easily distracted? Do you struggle with organization? Furthermore, do you have self-doubts, imposter syndrome, or are you susceptible to Automatic Negative Thoughts? 

"You're not stuck with the brain you have."

I am here to help you make the daily decisions that lead to a healthier brain, a happier life, and more success in the process.

My brain health coaching will be a pivotal key for you to reach your full potential. 

With a better brain, you can achieve your goals at work, at school, in your physical or mental well-being, and even in your relationships. 

With a better brain comes a better life. The time is now! Start a brain health revolution within you today.


I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone who is looking for the extra help. I have recommended her to people I know that were looking for psychological counseling. She is very professional, she listens to all you have to say and helps you understand why you feel the way you do and helps you get better. Her advice has helped me to be more psychologically aware and I know what to do and how to do it. Her counseling method is very open and will base it off of your experience and not try to fit it in a cookie cutter method that works for other people but couldn’t for you. She will never force you to do anything you don’t want to. Overall Ashley is an amazing person and will help you with your mental health.

Ethan Speidel, High School Student


Lunch and Learn

Learn about brain health together.

This lunch and learn session is designed to help a group audience understand their brain and how brain health and brain illness impact them, their family, and their friends. When people understand a healthy brain or an unhealthy brain is a determining factor in their happiness and how they operate in the world, they will want to choose "brain envy" and live a happier and more fulfilled life. I want to create change in the world. This short Lunch and Learn program will do just that. This session is designed to help people fall in love with their brains and choose brain-healthy options. 



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