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My mission is to help others maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle using natural solutions.
Your brain is meant to be improved... so let's improve it today!


About SustainaBRAIN

Your brain is beautiful.

As a Certified Brain Health Coach, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: to help my clients strengthen and maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle with all natural solutions. I strive to give my clients the brain health education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. Get in touch to get started!



Optimal brain health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body, and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. Find out more below.

Group Discussion

Group Sessions

During our sessions, I will dive into the 10 steps of living a brain-healthy lifestyle and the 4 circles of health and healing. These 10 steps will help you boost your brain and be a better YOU. During our sessions, we will be talking about things you can do on a daily basis and we will do exercises that will help you better understand your brain and how it can affect your performance.  Group sessions are meant to help you apply the steps in your life immediately. As a bonus: You will receive bonus materials that include an exercise program that will boost your brain, a brain-healthy shopping list, and more. This is at no extra cost to you.


Individual Sessions

Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same approach to brain health! Let’s get to know each other and together we’ll build out your personalized brain health plan. These sessions will include a questionnaire to pinpoint the area of your brain that may be struggling, figuring out your brain type, supplements that can boost this area of your brain, and more.


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