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Are You Crying More Often Than Usual?

Crying is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system and is a way for your body to come down from the fight-or-flight response of stress.

If you find that you’re breaking down often, your body will likely push you to address some mental traumas that you might not be aware of.

If you are crying a lot more than you usually do, take time to think about why or what your body and mind are trying to tell you.

Do You Feel Disengaged?

Traumatic stress tends to evoke two emotional extremes: too much or too little.

If you feel as though you struggle to be present and generally feel pessimistic about the future, underlying unaddressed trauma could be to blame.

There are certain situations where I struggle with compassion for someone and what they are going through. And other times where I feel immense compassion. I believe this stems from the hurt that I have had in the past. So bullies I had a hard time being patient with or a hard time understanding why.

I have to remind myself that everyone is going through something. And bullies bully for a reason. That doesn't make it right. But it makes them human.

Medical Issues and Traumatic Stress

Some people who have experienced traumatic stress may present initially with physical symptoms such as:

- somatic complaints

- sleep disturbances

- GI, cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal, and respiratory issues

- dermatological disorders

- urological problems

- substance use disorders

If you have unexplained medical symptoms, underlying psychological trauma could be playing a role.

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