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How to Improve Your Well-Being With Codeage

Who is looking for a product that promotes relaxation? A product that improves your stress levels? Improves your brain health AND your sleep? And it's made in the USA? And not to mention... a product that is made with REAL ingredients?

Look no further because here comes Codeage! This company is all of these things and MORE. A company that cares about improving your well-being.

How My Improvement of Well-Being Started

When I first found Codeage, the wellness nerd inside of me had a hay day. There were so many great products in their store.

Now, before I buy anything from a new company I do some pretty extensive research on them. I want to make sure they line up with what I'm trying to do in my life. So my little wellness nerd came out... think of a little yellow parakeet sitting on your shoulder ready to show up when needed.

It was time to do some research. I dug in for multiple days. I was on to something. I would not have done this much research if I didn't believe this company was legit in the health and wellness department. So, I knew... if I was still looking... I may have landed a new company I could support and a company that could help me improve my well-being.

There was collagen to look at, vitamins, probiotics, keto products, superfood supplements... so many amazing things to look at!

Use code Ashley+10 for a 10% discount on any product at Codeage!

After looking at many of the products, I finally made it to the About Us section. It was probably the section I should have started with. Their story is what really tipped the needle. It felt so good reading their story, a story that I could connect with.

They wrote about so many things that I care so much about. Their mission is "to help people live a better life through natural nutritional supplements."

This mission connects with my mission at SustainaBrain, to help people strengthen and maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle using natural solutions. So why not partner up with Codeage and try something new?

They are committed to using no fillers or chemicals. They strive to use the highest quality ingredients from the Earth. They are all the things I look for in a product.

Time To Make a Selection

So, I spent all this time researching right? I got my ducks in a row. I knew this was a company I wanted to support by purchasing some products to try out.

However, I did SO MUCH research I was struggling to pick a couple of products to try out!

So, I went into another research spiral. With a different purpose this time. The purpose of what should I try out for myself? What was something I needed? What is something that I haven't tried and wanted to try? These were the questions I had to continually ask myself when looking at a product.

This is a good problem to have people. This means that this company has done such a nice job carefully selecting and creating their products... the problem was I just wanted to try it all!

So, I went about narrowing down my selection. This took another couple of days. I mean let's face it... the problem was ME. I just couldn't decide. And sometimes when I get in that research mode... I get stuck in that mode! Research is my jam and it puts me in a flow state.

So, there I was b-boppin' away on my computer, in the zone, until a little thought was planted in my head. It was actually only one word. And that word was GABA. I had heard so many things about GABA and how it is good for a healthy brain. But, it was something I hadn't tried yet.

Use code Ashley+10 for a 10% discount on any product at Codeage!

So, I went in search of a product with GABA in it.

A Quick Note About GABA

GABA is a supplement that does beautiful things for your brain and your well-being. It is known for promoting relaxation. It increases the brain waves that help you feel cool, calm, and collected. It also helps to reduce those brain waves that cause anxiety and worry.

Now everyone experiences stress, anxiety, and worry from time to time. Maybe you have to give a big presentation in front of your co-workers... cue anxiety. Maybe your boss gave you another task that needs to be done on top of all the other tasks that you need to finish... cue stress. Maybe you are a mother and your daughter is getting ready to drive for the first time on her own... cue worry. It's natural for humans to feel these things and a little dose of them is actually good for you.

However, TOO much of these feelings is not good. If you are feeling too much stress that it is hurting your health or well-being, you need to try GABA. If you are feeling so anxious, you can't even walk outside, try GABA. If you are feeling so worried, that you have to call your child 16 times in 30 minutes to make sure they are okay, you need GABA.

Improve Your Well-Being With Meditate

So after my lengthy research, I put multiple products in my cart. Now, here comes the task of narrowing it down. One product I decided on was a supplement called Meditate. It had GABA along with some other interesting natural ingredients. I was curious how it would work for me.

When I got Meditate, I tried it the next day. I was super excited to see how it would affect me. I knew the benefits of GABA and this being a super rough year for me especially mentally, I was really looking and hoping for something to keep my mental game strong. It's the year of COVID, teaching has been hard, I've had some big decisions to make, I'm dealing with a change of passion but feeling stuck, the list goes on. I needed something to help me relax.

So, I take Meditate around 5:30 pm the next night. I'm cooking chicken, chicken stuffed with cream cheese, and bacon-wrapped to be exact. However, it didn't take long for the Meditate supplement to do its work. Wow! I felt so relaxed. Too relaxed at 5:30 pm cooking dinner though. I didn't want to finish cooking! Usually, I'm the kind of cook who is flipping out whether the chicken is done or not. Not this time. I was so chill. Literally in ZEN mode. Which is such a good thing especially for those feeling a lot of stress. However, it was not good while cooking chicken.

The next 2 days, even though I took it just a little later, it was still too early and was totally ZEN a little too early in the evening. The days I took it early, I was super chill and was not worried about a thing.

I knew I needed to take it a bit later. So, I started taking it when I was winding down for the evening. For example, when I get into bed and start journal writing and reading was a good time for me to take it, so around 9 pm. If you have a mind that races as soon as you hit the sack, try this supplement. It will calm that racing mind and help you get to sleep.

I also noticed that my REM sleep has improved. How do I know this? The frequency of dreams. When you are in REM sleep, you are more prone to have dreams. And I was having dreams every night. And, as if improved REM sleep wasn't enough, I wake up feeling rested after taking Meditate!

Use code Ashley+10 for a 10% discount on any product at Codeage!

Once I figured out the appropriate time for me to take it, I felt so calm. I feel less stressed when I take it which is about 4-5 times a week. I don't want my body to get used to it, so I take a little break from it for just a couple of days. My sleeping has improved, too. I am actually tired at a good time and not staying awake. So that part has been a big plus for me.

My meditation practice has improved, too. I meditate many nights of the week. I use a device called the Muse to help and track my progress. According to my Muse device, my calmness score has improved tremendously when this supplement, Meditate, is taken.

I will continue to buy Meditate because I am getting so many great benefits from it and strongly believe my overall well-being has improved because of it.

I strongly recommend Meditate by Codeage.

What Are You Waiting For?

Not only do I strongly recommend the Meditate supplement, I strongly recommend Codeage.

I only wrote about 1 product and it had a significant impact on me. There are so many other products to check out and they have something for everyone.

Not to mention... their owner, Auggie, is super kind. So, customer service is excellent... which let's be honest... is a huge thing!

Try Codeage today!

Use code Ashley+10 for a 10% discount on any product at Codeage!


Brain Health Coach

Owner of SustainaBrain

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