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Natural Deodorants That Work For Your Armpits

Do you ever get these little red bumps under your armpits? Do they itch or hurt? Are you trying to go chemical-free but with no luck?

This is the post you've been waiting for... natural deodorants that work.

An Armpit Story

I have been getting some questions about chemical-free products recently and the one I get the most questions about is deodorant.

Let me tell you a story. This was not an easy one to conquer. Some natural deodorants work for me and some don't. And it's going to be the same with you.

Different bodies have different pheromones and different PH levels. This means what works for me might not work for you. It also means you are going to have to try different brands out until you find a winner... and it might leave you stinky for a bit until you find the one for you!

I've been through a lot of different deodorant brands. First, let me talk about when I first switched to natural deodorant. The first brand I tried was Tom's. Great company with natural and clean products.

But what some people don't know is that when you first switch to natural deodorant you STINK for about 2 weeks and you constantly have to reapply.

I remember going to a bachelorette party and just being so self-conscious because I stunk so bad AND I forgot to bring my deodorant in my purse while we were out and about so I could run to the restroom and reapply when the time came. I did not lift my arms the entire time we were out until we got back to where we were staying! That was a stressful time.

This is no joke dear readers. I stunk for about two weeks. It's the worst I've ever smelled.

Why Do You Stink

Let me tell you why this happens and maybe it will help you grin and bear the stinkiness for two weeks without giving in to the bad stuff.

Your armpit skin is one of the most absorbable places on your body if not the most. When you put all the chemicals on your armpits with all those chemical-laden products... your armpits are soaking all of that up. And no that's not a good thing. Soaking up all those chemicals every day can lead to allergies, cancers, respiratory issues, reproductive issues, and more.

So... your armpits are used to soaking in all those chemicals that block the stink and cause you to not sweat as you should naturally. Then... you switch to natural deodorants. If your armpits could talk, they would say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?" Things get thrown out of whack.

Now, your armpit skin is not blocked. Since they are not blocked anymore, you are now removing the built-up aluminum and releasing all the built-up waste that you have been putting on your armpits for however long.

We are humans. We are meant to sweat. Antiperspirant takes our natural mechanisms of how your body works away.

In other words, your body is being detoxed at this point getting rid of chemicals and waste from your armpits. This is why you stink for about 2 weeks.

Different Pheromones, Different PH Levels

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to deodorant and which one works best. Everybody has a different natural smell to them which is your pheromones. Plus, everybody is different in PH levels. Some may be more alkaline, some may be more acidic. This all plays into what scents or types of deodorant will work best for your body.

The BEST thing you can do is try them and see which works best for you. It does take a little time to figure out which one is best for you. Especially if you are detoxing your pits. Because regardless of what you try... you will stink for a couple of weeks or so.

I'd try whichever one you are on for about a month and if you find you still really stink or if you have to reapply more than three times a day, it's time to switch. This will give your pits time to de-stink themselves and figure out what is working for you or not.

Here are some brands to try. I've personally tried all these brands myself as well. Again with some working, some not.

  • Tom's Of Maine Deodorant- this one did not work for me but it could work for you so give it a try.

  • Native- this brand worked for me and I really liked it but I had to reapply more than I wanted to. I may go back to this one after some time to see how it goes. I tried this one fairly early on during my detoxing, stinky days.

  • Primal Life Organics- this one worked well for me

  • Kokoa Botanics- currently using this one right now, small business. This one works well for me, too.

(*no affiliation to any of these brands*)

There are some other brands I'd like to try at a later date. These are the four that I have tried so far. Some are more successful than others.

The best advice I can give is to stay the course. Don't give up during that two-week or so period where your pits are stinky because they are detoxing.

This detox period is not only good for your armpits but for your entire body. Armpits being the most absorbable place but it is also a great place to detoxify from chemicals that you've been putting on your body for a while.

So stink it up, people! I promise after time it gets better.

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